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Feather Creek Farm is an equestrian center located east of Norman on 90 acres of rolling hills.   It offers a full Intro to modified cross country course, a full size grass show jumping ring (320 ft x 280 ft), a full size jumping sand ring (220 ft x 240 ft)  and a dressage ring that is always accessible. and one (80x120) indoor arena, all with premium footing. If you don’t jump, it’s not a problem! The tall trees and pecan grove make perfect scenery to get your horse out of the ring and out for a hack! 


Inside the barn, your horse has the luxury of a 12x12 stall with pine shavings, grain fed twice daily, and plenty of high quality hay to meet athletes nutritional needs.  Group and individual turn outs are offered with plenty of grazing grass to go around.  The best part of all - Dynah, the property owner, lives on site!   


History of Feather Creek

The other day when I was building and repainting some of my stadium fences, someone asked me why I had painted a white kitten on the jump, “did it have anything to do with the kitten in my logo?" Apparently, my old website has been down for too long!!


If anyone can believe it, it’s been 15 years since I drove down the driveway, in December 2007, from California! It was the year that Norman had that freezing rain storm and the electrical was out for a week! My poor kittens that came with me from the California weather to freezing rain with no heat, weren’t that impressed! I don’t think they came out from under the covers for a month! The horses, on the other hand...had fun in the snow!!


So much has happened in 15 years... Taking a “few” months to clear the property, calling John Staples to help build the course for our first Recognized show in August of 2008.  I think a record number of fences were built that last month… 85 jumps in 30 days! Going through so many learning curves of hosting recognized shows for 11 years and 23 events. And feeling comfortable after those 11 years of putting that hat away!!  Building so many wonderful friendships… Tireless work from so many people that have helped make it possible for all these years; and without doubt, some incredible memories!!


In the last two years I wanted to explore a new direction. So headed out to the Carolina Horse Park to talk to them about a potential partnership with the War Horse Event Series and bringing it to Feather Creek. I thought that if we could expand the recognized schooling show (that the Carolina Horse Park created) – we could build a fun, national level schooling show series, without the huge expense – allowing riders to compete nationally, but ride regionally!  So if riders qualify here, they can go to Carolina and compete in the their Championships! I am very excited that the series has expanded to Oklahoma and am looking forward to the next chapter at Feather Creek!!

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