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Volunteers Needed For 

FEATHER CREEK FARM's Spring Horse Trials!
April 6 - 7, 2024

Volunteers are what makes Eventing (aka Horse Trials) possible.  We even gain a few people into this great sport when they volunteer once they learn how fun this is. Come be a volunteer at the Spring Horse Trials at Feather Creek!

Eventing could not exist without volunteers.  It takes many hours before, during, and after a horse trial.  Jumps made or updated / painted.  Numbering for jumps.  Office work for the entries.  Truly so many areas that need as many hands as possible!!!!

No experience is necessary.  We provide training (in a fun way!).  This is an all day event.  We try to schedule people for 4 hours shifts, but there may be some 6 hour assignments!  If you volunteer, bring family and friends!


Because we very much appreciate are volunteers, here are some things we’d like to offer for your time:

  • Helping the community as well as our military family for helping with this event.

  • Having fun, meeting new people, watching all the pretty horses and riders.

  • Learning about and participating in a sport that is done in the Olympics (broaden your horizons!).

  • Now for the REALLY fun stuff …

    • Goodies for volunteers.  Our venue and our sponsors know how important our volunteers are.  This year, our amazing volunteers get a lovely t-shirt …with sponsor and venue names on them.

    • Prize for the Volunteer of the Year

    • Door Prize Drawings – for both non-riding and riding based volunteers.  Your name will be added to the drawing for every 4 hours you volunteer.  Additionally, if you bring another person, your name gets put in the drawing for each person you get to volunteer!!

    • Dinner Before The Show For Volunteers – this is an Eat Meet Greet and Learn.  Not only a wonderful dinner is presented, but we do have fun meeting others as well as learning!  This is usually the day before the show (a Saturday).

    • Homemade Pancake Breakfast morning of the show – these are REALLY good pancakes, real butter and usually a side of something else for those that want a little more sugar!

    • Lunches for working the day of the show

    • Free Entry (for future show) for “highest hour” volunteer.  If we have a tie, there will be a tie breaker.  If you don’t ride, there will be another option!


We will be working with several more sponsors in the next few months and will keep everyone updated with more information, on our volunteer appreciation packages!!


We are so honored to get our volunteers!!!

-Dynah – Feather Creek Farm

To volunteer, contact Morgan Thomas at (682) 717-0748 or

For more information on volunteering for horse trials, click here

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