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Cross Country Updates 2024!

Despite the freezing temperatures, we've been busy already getting ready for the April 7th spring horse trials! Cathy Wieschhoff was here the weekend of Jan 13+14, putting together new courses and making the questions quite different!!  We worked on a new BN half ditch, a Novice ditch...and we're putting in a completely new water complex, and fixing the old one... and the best new!!.. There will be a bridge that joins Stadium warm-up with XC warm-up... Plus there will be quite a few new builds on each course!!

Building the new Novice ditch!
Working on the new BN half ditch! 
Scouting for the best location...and breaking ground on the new water jump!
Brand new land bridge between SJ and XC! You're welcome trainers! 

Cross Country Updates 2023!

Cathy Wieschhoff continues to update the course in spring 2023! It is always a pleasure to work alongside an accomplished Eventer and Course Designer of her caliber. She has completely revised the course and was able to help create several new schooling questions. Her designs are helping Feather Creek to become a true Eventing Training Complex!

Ditch and wall for our new Modified course!
The whole team came together to get the cross country course ready for the spring WHES 2023 horse trials after the devastating tornado
It takes a village!
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